Irish Construction Industry

The IGLC lay the foundation for the establishment of the Lean Construction Institute (US) in 1997, subsequent LCI affiliate organisations around the globe have become an integral part of the overall IGLC organisation. In Ireland we have Lean Construction Ireland, a non for profit association whose members passionately believe that Lean Thinking & Practices.

What IGLC 2019 Means to Irish Industry:

There is a broad misconception that the IGLC conference is uniquely a Research Conference for International Academia only and a closed shop to regional and international industry. This is very much not the case and theĀ  IGLC 2019 Conference will attract senior-level executives and decision-makers from the local and International construction community to create an environment in which to network, do business and access knowledge on the latest developments, trends, strategies and policies relating to the principles of lean construction Globally.

IGLC 2019 Conference will provide you with the:

  • Opportunity to be part of an International conference seeking to transform the construction sector through the adoption of Lean thinking and practices.
  • Directly contribute to knowledge base of the event and the delivery of its vision and objectives.
  • Use personal knowledge and experience to shape and influence Lean construction change Globally.
  • Network and engage with individuals from the International construction sector organisations and companies.
  • Use knowledge gained from the IGLC network to contribute to your companies business performance.
  • Opportunity to engage with academia who are shaping the way future of thinking within International AECFM.
  • Engage in demonstrations & simulations of the latest traditional and digital construction technologies.
  • Chance to engage with influencers from within the International construction sector.
  • Opportunity to highlight your organisation as a company engaging in lean principles.

There are a number of flexible opportunities for you to get involved in the IGLC 2019 Conference on the 1st - 7th of July in Dublin. Please click below for further information: