IGLC 2019 Testimonials

Steve Savage


For me and my two colleagues the IGLC was a great experience. It was good to present CITU and our purpose in a room of so many like minded people who are also striving to take the construction industry to new levels. We learned a lot of useful things that we will take away and use, and made some great contacts that we will keep in touch with and continue to share ideas and learnings on our lean journey. Thank you to all who put so much effort into making it such a success.

Michael Dalsgaard


I enjoyed every moment off my stay in Ireland and IGLC. Thank you for a very professional conference.

Aiden O’Dwyer


I did not have the experience of talking to such a large number but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

John Thorsson

NCC Infrastructure

Great speakers on great.content in great varied formats. Felt like a tight inner group and I loved how inviting everyone was to first timers.

Mona Salam

University of Technology Sydney

It was a great event and very interesting discussions. The organisation was really good.

Søren Leth Nielsen

Zephyr Consulting

This first IGLC for me was a great experience. A mix of academia and people with practical experience, gives a unique opportunity for both sides to link-up and get the best from both worlds. I would recommend more industry people to participate, because the deeper insights into the world of LEAN construction and that it is much more than "just" doing kaizen.

Stan Chiu


Amazing depth and breadth of attendees and presenters.  You assembled a great blend of practitioners, consultants and academics. Really warm group, I felt very welcomed at my first IGLC. The Lean Godfathers session was really inspiring, amazing to be part of. Great venues and a great city

Kristen Parrish

Arizona State University

Loved the location, the food, and the technical support.