Paper Submissions

International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC)

IGLC27 – Dublin, Ireland, 1st – 7th July 2019

Leadership, Culture and Teambuilding

RESEARCH CONFERENCE: 3rd – 5th July 2019


We invite researchers from practice and academia in architecture, engineering, construction and facilities management (AECFM) to submit papers on aspects of lean construction research under one of the following themes:

  • Contract and Cost Management
  • Enabling Lean with Information Technology
  • Language Action Perspective
  • Last Planner® System
  • Lean and Sustainability
  • Lean and BIM
  • Learning & Teaching Lean
  • People, Culture and Change
  • Product Development and Design Management
  • Production Planning and Control
  • Production System Design
  • Safety, Quality and Health
  • Supply Chain Management and Off-Site Construction
  • Theory

You will also be asked to identify which of these three categories best reflects your submission:

  1. Applied research comprising case studies, implementations and so on that is near market;
  2. Research that is advancing previous blue skies research - mid-way to market;
  3. Blue skies research is theoretical and/or early ideas – no market application yet.


  1. All (co)authors register on the web site
  2. All (co)authors to select up to four themes in which you feel most confident to review papers.

Note: your conference paper/s will not be published if the author team has not reviewed at least one paper (for each submission) to share the review burden.

SUBMISSION SCHEDULE:                                 Opens                                         Closes

  1. Original research papers -                      2018.11.01                                   2019.02.24
  2. Revised papers & rebuttal -                            -                                          2019.05.05
  3. Camera ready papers -                                    -                                          2019.05.19
  4. Poster only submissions                         2019.05.19                                   2019.06.02


Please note: if you are submitting a paper for review please take a few moments to read the guidance documents on the format, structure and preferred content of papers. A good paper will contain and reflect these elements within the content. The guidance documents can be found here:

Paper Template for IGLC 2019

Preferred paper content for IGLC 2019

Brief guidelines for writing an industry paper for IGLC 2019

Keywords for IGLC 2019

To reduce unnecessary rework by the reviewers and authors the following criteria is a good quality check prior to submission of your paper:

  • Have you read the guidance documents and incorporated the necessary criteria such as those below?
  • Are your measures in metric units? Should you wish to use US or other units, please list their metric equivalent first and the US or other units in parentheses.
  • Is the formatted paper 10 pages or less? (2 additional pages of references only are permitted)
  • Are all figures ‘In line with text’?
  • Are your tables on a single page (if possible)?
  • Is your paper written in clear English?
  • Are captions on the same pages as the figures and tables they describe? If not, please use the correct style so that they are.
  • Are any headings at the bottom of a page separated from the first paragraph that they head? If so, apply the correct heading style or delete any superfluous carriage return or blank line that may occur between the heading and the paragraph.

All paper submissions must be accompanied by a plagiarism report.

For any other inquiry please contact or phone + 353 46 9773434.

Template and Instructions for Formatting IGLC27 A3s

For the IGLC27 we are once again requiring the author to prepare an A3 report about their papers. Basically, the A3 will be an extended and illustrated abstract of your work, which people can use during the presentations to have a quick grasp of the topics being presented. This is especially important, given that some conferees will opt for electronic proceedings and thus will not have your paper in front of them.

Click here for full criteria.