Research Conference

3rd, 4th & 5th July 2019 – The Hogan Mezz Suite, Croke Park Stadium

The research conference is run over 2.5 consecutive days (Wednesday to Friday) to showcase the latest research and development and create a platform for discussions with international thought leaders from the IGLC community. Research papers & posters will be invited from researchers in academia & practice on any topic allied with Lean Project Delivery. The submissions will include:

  • Industry case studies.
  • Applied research currently being tested in the market.
  • “Blue skies” research where the next generation of ideas and development grow from.

The research will be presented through a mixture of plenary, parallel and poster sessions. Sessions will be chaired by participants of the IGLC community. Professors Christine Pasquire and Farook Hamzeh are the Scientific Committee Chairs.

Professor Christine Pasquire – Nottingham Trent University

Christine Pasquire has a BSc Quantity Surveying, a PhD in Construction Management and is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. One of the original four directors of LCI UK Ltd, Christine has been a long standing advocate, researcher and teacher of Lean Construction.

She is currently Professor of Lean Project Management in the Centre for Lean Projects at Nottingham Trent University, UK.

Christine’s route to lean began 20 years ago with research into offsite manufacturing particularly in the Building Services sector and has grown to encompass the practicalities of lean implementation in both project and organisational transformation. Current research projects include applications of Takt and other forms of lean construction planning; measurement of the impact of Lean on human performance; investigations into waste that is institutionalised within the systems and structures of design and construction and developing pathways for common understanding as a flow.

She has published over 110 peer reviewed papers and completed in excess of £2,000,000 of funded research work in the field of construction management.

Professor Farook Hamzeh – American University of Beirut

Dr. Hamzeh is a champion of Lean Construction. His theoretical and applied research in the US and the MENA region aims at improving the design and construction of projects. Working in the construction industry, conducting research on actual design and construction projects, developing models, and establishing new performance metrics all contribute to his mission of making design and construction Lean.  Dr. Hamzeh is a leader of the Production and Planning control area within the International Group of Lean Construction (IGLC) and has published heavily on Lean Construction and related topics.

Dr. Farook Hamzeh is an Assistant Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the American University of Beirut (AUB) since 2011. He earned his Bachelor in Civil Engineering from AUB in 1997 and later a Masters in Engineering Management in 2000.  Dr. Hamzeh then received a Master’s in Engineering Project Management from UC-Berkeley in 2006. He earned his Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering (Engineering Project Management emphasis) from the University of California (UC), Berkeley in 2009. He became an Assistant Professor at Colorado State University between 2009 and 2011.

Dr. Hamzeh has worked for more than seven years in the construction industry in Lebanon, Qatar, Dubai, and the United States on several mega projects. These include the $1.7 Billion Cathedral Hill Hospital in San Francisco, the 333 m high Rose Rotana Hotel in Dubai, Losail motor-bike racetrack in Qatar, Olympic Tower in Qatar, Al-Amal Oncology Hospital in Qatar, Serail 1374 Building in downtown Beirut, and Sibline Cement factory 2nd production line in Lebanon. Throughout his career, Dr. Hamzeh has developed a passion for improving construction processes to increase productivity, raise customer value, and reduce process waste. This passion has fueled his research in the areas of lean construction, process improvement, production planning, BIM, Simulation, and supply chain management.

Annual conferences are the main activity of the IGLC, and their locations rotate amongst the continents. In 2019 the 27th IGLC Annual Conference will come to Dublin Castle, Croke Park, Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and the Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT). These are at the heart of Ireland’s capital and the week long event promises to be the most forward thinking event on the international AECFM calendar for 2019.

Hosted over a 7 day period the 2019 event will incorporate a number of new initiatives (traditional & modern) to ensure maximum communication and takeaway post event. We will also have many social activities designed to provide our international guests a taste of the “Green Isle”.

Papers and Posters are invited from researchers in academia and practice on any topic allied with Lean Project Delivery.

  1. Academic research papers/posters– relating to on-going research and development in the area of Lean Project Delivery.
  2. Industry research papers/posters– relating more to case studies and industrial experience in the area of Lean Project Delivery.

Conference paper and poster submissions will be invited from the two categories above under sub-themes such as:

  • Contract and Cost Management
  • Enabling Lean with Information Technology
  • Lean and BIM
  • Lean Theory
  • People, Culture and Change
  • Product Development and Design Management
  • Production Planning and Control
  • Last Planner® System
  • Language Action Perspective
  • Production System Design
  • Safety, Quality and Green-Lean
  • Supply Chain Management and Off-Site Construction
  • Learning & Teaching Lean

Further information on the sub-themes and the paper and poster submission process including the dates and criteria for submissions click here.

The programme below is from IGLC India and just for illustration purposes. The programme for IGLC Ireland will look quite different. It will be shaped by the submissions received for industry case studies, applied research being tested in the market and “blue skies” research that pushes the boundaries to the next level of lean thinking and developments.

Our aim is to generate an environment for quality discussions at the conference that will influence future research and documentation of any topics allied to Lean Project Delivery.

Day 1

IGLC Research Conference Venue: Croke Park, Ireland

Opening Remarks & Welcome
Plenary9:15-11:15Plenary 1- Production Planning and Control
Refreshment Break11:15-11:45
Parallel 111:45-1:00Production Planning and ControlContract and Cost ManagementPeople, Culture and Change
Refreshment Break1:00-2:00
Parallel 22:00-3:30Production Planning and ControlEnabling Lean with ITPeople, Culture and Change
Refreshment Break3:30-4:00
Parallel 34:00 - 5:30Production Planning and ControlEnabling Lean with ITSafety, Quality and Green-Lean

Day 2

Plenary9:00-11:00Plenary 2- Enabling Lean with IT
Refreshment Break11:15-11:45
Parallel 111:45-1:00Enabling Lean with ITProduct Development and Design ManagementPeople, Culture and Change
Lunch Break1:00-2:00
Parallel 22:00-3:30Lean Theory Product Development and Design ManagementPeople, Culture and Change
Refreshment Break3:30-4:00
Parallel 34:00 - 5:30Lean Theory Product Development and Design ManagementTeaching Lean Construction

Day 3

Plenary9:00-11:00Plenary 3- Production System Design
Refreshment Break11:00-11:30
Parallel 111:30-1:00Production System DesignSupply Chain ManagementProduction Planning and Control
Lunch Break1:00-2:00
IGLC Business Meeting2:00 - 4:00Agenda TBA